Various builds of the AFF3CT software are provided below. Each build archive contains: the runnable simulator (bin dir.), the linkable library (lib dir.), the header files (include dir.) and the documentation, some configuration files and some references to be used with the simulator (share dir.).

The number of dependencies is reduced to be compatible with a large range of systems. Therefore, AFF3CT should run seamlessly on yours (Windows, macOS and Linux are supported). The proposed builds are compatible with x86-64 architectures (Intel or AMD CPUs). Either SSE4.2 or AVX2 instruction sets can be selected. The first one (SSE4.2) is for old CPUs starting approximately from 2007 whereas the second one (AVX2) takes advantage of modern CPUs (2014) but may not run on older computers. If you have any doubts, SSE4.2 is the safest version.

Development versions

Stable versions