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Source_i< B > Class Template Referenceabstract

Generates a message. More...

#include <Source.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Source_i< B >:
Module SC_Source< B > Source_AZCW< B > Source_random< B > Source_random_fast< B > Source_user< B >

Public Member Functions

 Source_i (const int K, const int n_frames=1, const std::string name="Source_i")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Source_i ()
virtual void generate (mipp::vector< B > &U_K)=0
 Fulfills a vector with bits. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 Module (const int n_frames=1, const std::string name="Module")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Module ()
virtual void set_n_frames (const int n_frames)
 Set the number of frames. More...
virtual int get_n_frames () const
 Get the number of frames. More...
void rename (const std::string name)
 Rename the Module. More...

Protected Attributes

const int K
- Protected Attributes inherited from Module
int n_frames
std::string name

Detailed Description

template<typename B>
class Source_i< B >

Generates a message.

Template Parameters
Btype of the bits in the Source.

Please use Source for inheritance (instead of Source_i).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename B >
Source_i< B >::Source_i ( const int  K,
const int  n_frames = 1,
const std::string  name = "Source_i< B >" 


Knumber of information bits in the frame.
n_framesnumber of frames to process in the Source.
nameSource's name.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename B >
virtual void Source_i< B >::generate ( mipp::vector< B > &  U_K)
pure virtual

Fulfills a vector with bits.

U_Ka vector of bits to fill.

Implemented in Source_random< B >, Source_random_fast< B >, Source_user< B >, and Source_AZCW< B >.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename B >
const int Source_i< B >::K

Number of information bits in one frame

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