A Fast Forward Error Correction Tool!
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Simulation_BFER_i< B, R, Q > Class Template Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Simulation_BFER_i< B, R, Q >:
Simulation Simulation_BFER< B, R, Q > Simulation_BFER_LDPC< B, R, Q > Simulation_BFER_polar< B, R, Q > Simulation_BFER_RA< B, R, Q > Simulation_BFER_repetition< B, R, Q > Simulation_BFER_RSC< B, R, Q, QD > Simulation_BFER_turbo< B, R, Q, QD > Simulation_BFER_uncoded< B, R, Q >

Public Member Functions

 Simulation_BFER_i (const parameters &params)
void launch ()
 This method has to be overloaded, this is the start point of the Simulation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Simulation
 Simulation ()
virtual ~Simulation ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void launch_precompute ()
virtual void snr_precompute ()
virtual void _launch ()=0
virtual void snr_postcompute ()
virtual void release_objects ()
virtual void launch_postcompute ()
virtual Source< B > * build_source (const int tid=0)
virtual CRC< B > * build_crc (const int tid=0)
virtual Encoder< B > * build_encoder (const int tid=0)
virtual Puncturer< B, Q > * build_puncturer (const int tid=0)
virtual Modulator< B, R, R > * build_modulator (const int tid=0)
virtual Channel< R > * build_channel (const int size, const int tid=0)
virtual Quantizer< R, Q > * build_quantizer (const int size, const int tid=0)
virtual Coset< B, Q > * build_coset_real (const int tid=0)
virtual Decoder< B, Q > * build_decoder (const int tid=0)=0
virtual Coset< B, B > * build_coset_bit (const int tid=0)
virtual Monitor< B > * build_monitor (const int tid=0)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void build_communication_chain (Simulation_BFER_i< B, R, Q > *simu, const int tid=0)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Simulation
static void check_errors (void *ptr, std::string str, const int tid=0)
 Checks if a pointer has been allocated or not, if not the program stop with an error message. More...

Protected Attributes

const parameters & params
Barrier barrier
float snr
float code_rate
float sigma
< std::chrono::steady_clock,
std::chrono::nanoseconds > 
std::vector< Source< B > * > source
std::vector< CRC< B > * > crc
std::vector< Encoder< B > * > encoder
std::vector< Puncturer< B, Q > * > puncturer
std::vector< Modulator< B, R,
R > * > 
std::vector< Channel< R > * > channel
std::vector< Quantizer< R, Q > * > quantizer
std::vector< Coset< B, Q > * > coset_real
std::vector< Decoder< B, Q > * > decoder
std::vector< Coset< B, B > * > coset_bit
std::vector< Monitor< B > * > monitor

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