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Notice that AFF3CT has been renamed, previously it was P-EDGE.

  1. Alireza Ghaffari, Mathieu Léonardon, Yvon Savaria, Christophe Jego and Camille Leroux
    Improving Performance of SCMA MPA Decoders Using Estimation of Conditional Probabilities
    The 15th IEEE International NEWCAS Conference (NEWCAS 2017), June 2017.
    To appear.
  2. Adrien Cassagne, Thibaud Tonnellier, Camille Leroux, Bertrand Le Gal, Olivier Aumage and Denis Barthou
    Beyond Gbps Turbo decoder on multi-core CPUs
    The 10th International Symposium on Turbo Codes and Iterative Information Processing (ISTC 2016), September 2016.
    [WWW] - [PDF]
  3. Adrien Cassagne, Olivier Aumage, Camille Leroux, Denis Barthou and Bertrand Le Gal
    Energy consumption analysis of software Polar Decoders on low power processors
    The 24nd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2016), September 2016.
    [WWW] - [PDF]
  4. Thibaud Tonnellier, Camille Leroux, Bertrand Le Gal, Benjamin Gadat, Christophe Jego and Nicolas Van Wambeke
    Lowering the Error Floor of Turbo Codes With CRC Verification
    IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (Volume: 5, Issue: 4), August 2016.
  5. Adrien Cassagne, Bertrand Le Gal, Camille Leroux, Olivier Aumage and Denis Barthou
    An efficient, portable and generic library for Successive Cancellation decoding of Polar Codes
    The 28th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC 2015), September 2015.
    [WWW] - [PDF]
  6. Bertrand Le Gal, Camille Leroux and Christophe Jego
    Multi-Gb/s software decoding of Polar Codes
    IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (Volume: 63, Issue: 2), January 2015.


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